Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Stitchers Corner

I thought I'd try posting from my phone for the first time. Let's see how this goes!
Today Jess and I drove 45mins or so to the Perth suburb of Victoria Park after I saw someone had recommended a little store there for tatting supplies. I needed some white thread, but was also curious!
We found Stitchers Corner without any difficulty. The outter windows are full of tapestried and other embroidery style canvases. All very nice, but not really my thing. The first tatting items I found were books! They had 5-6 different tatting books that I glanced through. Then I turned around..
Shuttles! Aerlit, Boye, Susan Bates, Lacis, Clover. I have never seen so many shuttle varieties in a store. Online, of course, but not in store. I have a lot of Clover shuttles, so I grabbed an Aerlit in Pink Berry, a Lacis Sew-Mate in Pink and a metal Boye. I really only use the bobbin style shuttles for thicker thread. The Lacis shuttle seems so big but until I try it I can only comment on what I see.
I got the white thread I wanted (DMC Cebelia #30) but they had such a variety! I couldn't go past the EdMar Iris rayons. Gorgeous colours, so silky to touch! I chose colour 054, a variegated pink, yellow and purple as well as 162 a bright green. I was thinking maybe a floral bookmark?
I've also never seen Rajmahal Art.Silk before and the colours are so vibrant. I got aqua blue (shade 131), cornflower yellow (shade 261), light green (shade 161), purple (shade 111) and a fun pink (shade 202).
Then I found DMC Dentelles #80! Very exciting for me as I only have 1 actual tatting thread. I grabbed white (b5200), ecru, purple (.3608), coral (3706), yellow (745), green (954) and a blue (3766).
I am always drawn to the same colours! I will pick up pink, purple and blue before anything else. I should have got DMC Dentelles in black. Oh well. I can make items with what I have.
They had some tiny crochet hooks I would have loved but I already spent far more than I intended. One tiny lil white paper bag costing close to $100. Gosh it was so nice to buy tatting suplies in person.
I would recommend Stitchers Corner (34 Mint Street, East Victoria Park) for tatters, even if you don't like using rayons etc there were other crochet cottons. Their prices were comparable with online providers and their service was lovely.
I am going to play with my new toys!!